Sunday, August 24, 2008

BAF Beach Baptisms!

The day started out a stormy one! Who could have known that it would turn out so nice?

On my way to church, torrential downpours along with a National Weather Service alert had me second-guessing if I should turn around & seek the shelter of my cozy little home. But I pressed on.

At church, people were crowded under the eaves of our beautiful building, all waiting to make a mad dash for the car. I used my BAF greeter's shirt to shelter me, after which it was soaked to the core & truthfully did not offer much shelter during my sprint from the car to the church. Warm coffee & a crowded atrium greeted me as I entered, my jeans & T-shirt soaked through.
When a woman asked me if the beach baptisms were still on, I gave a dubious reply... but Bill Sr. corrected me & said we were still on. At the end of service, Bil & Paul confirmed this by stating that the island hadn't gotten ANY rain & we were still on!

So, out to the beach we went! It turned out to be a lovely afternoon & we had a surprisingly great turnout!

Just as we are made new in Christ when we are baptized, the Lord cleared away the old (storm clouds) & made way for His will to be done... & made CC just a few people closer to being the hardest place to go to hell from (to quote Bil)!

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Twisting His Arm said...

That is wonderful! Great story-telling!!!!

Tooleyville said...

Love the pics! Pray for puppies and babies. You got the award for poster of the week. Love ya.

DA Wagners said...

Daniel and I weren't able to make it. Thanks for sharing this. Now I don't feel so much out of the loop. I've never been to a beach baptism.