Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Terrifying Texas Brown Tarantula!

The Texas Brown Tarantula (looks mostly black) is on the move right now... whether because it's mating season or due to all of the rain we've had lately, I've been finding these unwanted visitors ready to greet me as I got home 3 different times this past couple of weeks!

Here they are... let me know YOUR thoughts!!!

Tarantula #1 in the past 2 weeks. There was another a few weeks previous too!!!

See how close this one was to going INTO my house (garage)?!

Tarantula #2 - I almost stepped on this one going out into my garage! (This pic is post-RAID, obviously.)

See how close he was to going inside my HOUSE!!!??? Eeek!

Tarantula #3 - This guy greeted me at the door as I got home the other night. :(

See how close he was to my front door!? (My door is directly to the left of the light.)

So, "man-in-a-can" (aka RAID) was my immediate friend, until the bug guys I use could come out & spray. And, although I'm praying there will be no further sightings, if anyone (in the CC area) is looking for a Tarantula as a pet, I'll keep you in mind for the future, but it's too late for these guys!!!

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Meriller said...

For the love of all that is good and holy, please tell me you've had the sprayers about to take care of this issue!

I fancy myself a tough cookie with all the creepy crawlers we have at the cottage, I'm not bothered by spiders. But these aren't spiders, they're practically alien, or mammal or something they're so GINORMOUS!

EGADS woman!!!

Faith Imagined said...


Melissa Murry said...

I also live in CC and have killed 3 inside my house in the last week!! I hate spiders and tarantulas are disgusting! Your pictures terrify me bc I didn't know they could climb! I have only seen them on the ground or floor! Now I'm twice as worried about them. Who gets rid of them??

Canadian Bird said...

Yikes, Melissa! INSIDE your home???
I've only ever had them outside (that I know of). They almost always present themselves climbing up the siding on the exterior of my home. If I had them inside, I'd lose my mind! I worry mostly for my dogs, since I've been assured by many people how docile they actually are.
My bug guys are great though... if you're looking. Certified Termite & Pest Control. I'd call them for sure... they have a reasonable quarterly service. What area of town are you in, out of curiosity. I'm off Rodd Field. :)

Melissa Murry said...

We live over in Calallen. Close to the river. I've only been down here for 2 months so tarantulas are new to me. I hate spiders. My cat woke me up at 3 this morning so I could kill one that was in the floor of my bedroom.

Canadian Bird said...

Yikes!!! What if you woke up & stepped on it by accident??? Good gravy! I'd be calling the pest control people post-haste!!! lol

Melissa Murry said...

It was the day that it rained here all day. I guess it flooded them out? I haven't seen any since. :)