Sunday, August 09, 2009

JANES Retreat Weekend '09

The JANES Core Team were hosted for an amazing (though too short) weekend of relaxation & planning out at the Butlers' Lakehouse on Lake CC. What a place! Sue Butler & her family are the most generous & gracious hosts. I didn't want it to end... Thanks Butler family!!!

The gorgeous Lakehouse property:

The large gazebo with outdoor kitchen, where we enjoyed a delicious dinner:

The main guesthouse where we enjoyed a delicious & healthy breakfast & lunch:

Getting down to business:

We accomplished a LOT:

The radiant Daphne, JANES Ministry Leader ... see Jane lead!

The passionate Marta, Coordinator of Community Outreach ... see Jane reach!

The talented Alene, Discipleship Coordinator ... see Jane grow!

The energetic April, Women's Small Groups Coordinator ... see Jane connect!

The inspiring Alisa, developer & chief editor of the Granola Bar Devotional, & JANES core team member ...

And me... Events Team Coordinator ... see Jane shine!

No... not our Administration Coordinator (we're still looking for one of those to replace our sweet Mandy who is off on a new venture)! This is Kiki! Alisa's daughter joined us for our girls' weekend... naturally! She was a total joy!!! :)

Our fabulous hostess, Sue... I adore this woman! Thank you, Sue... I LOVE your spirit of generosity & look forward to visiting with you again soon!

Preparing for the short trip home (& discussing what a fun time we had)!

I love these women & feel SO privileged to serve with them in this ministry!!!

Let's do it again soon, gals! xo

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Alene said...

It was an incredible weekend. Janes totally rocks! Thanks for capturing awesome memories for us.

Faith Imagined said...

I miss my friends! Sniffle sniffle!

Alisa Hope Wagner said...

Great pics BTW. I'm going to steal some of them!!!

Canadian Bird said...

Go for it, Alisa! I stole one (or more) of yours for my personal album! :)
Oh, & remind me... I have a few more pics of Kiki you might want!

JerryDugan said...

Ya'll used technology (saw a laptop). We had to ban Shawn from using a laptop at a recent MoB Core Meeting. It would have just been his gateway drug into flip charts, pie graphs, dot matrix printouts, DVD clips, and so much more. We only had an hour to work with. Anyhoo, thanks for all that you and the Janes do for His kingdom.

Canadian Bird said...

It's true! A laptop was used (can't really deny it)... but only for note taking (ie. "minutes"). And we had more than an hour (2 days), though still not long enough! 'TWas fun! :)