Saturday, February 20, 2010


What a week!!!

Last Friday was a monumental one for many. Even me.
I've been PSYCHED. I've been awaiting this for almost a decade...

I'm PSYCHED because the Winter Olympics kicked off last Friday! British Columbia, Canada (& for a handful of years, Vancouver) were home to me for a good part of my life. It's been exhilarating & bittersweet watching the coverage, seeing the sights, sounds, & electricity surrounding Vancouver. I SO wish I could be there. I'm living vicariously through my brother & friends, some who live there & some who are visiting for the festivities.

We, in the US, are shut out of Canadian broadcasting stations, but I was hoping that would lift for the Games. Sadly, it hasn't. So, I've been relying on NBC & affiliate coverage of my homeland's hosting of my favourite Olympics. It's not that NBC doesn't have good coverage, truly, but it's all surrounding the US perspective, of course. I'm missing the Canadian athlete profiles & coverage. I'm rooting for my homeland & the US somewhat interchangeably. I want the US to do well, & love the athletes. (SOOO glad Evan Lysacek kicked arrogant Plushenko's bum in men's skating.)
But when Canada wins a medal, especially a gold, well... my neighbours can probably hear the hooting & hollering and my facebook & twitter accounts light up like a Vegas show!
And there isn't a sport in the Winter Os I don't LOVE watching. Seriously.

I'll give it to NBC, & specifically Tom Brokaw, though. The short piece of journalism that aired just prior to the start of the Opening Ceremonies was poignant & reverent to introduce Canada to a US audience, & the sportscasters have been very gracious about the coverage of Canadian culture & history. As a dislocated Canuck, I'm very appreciative & overjoyed that other nations are getting to witness the beauty & diversity of the land that I love!

Here's that clip by Tom Brokaw:

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THE DASH! said...

The Olympics have been awesome! Have been catching a bit here in Oz. You live in SUCH a beautiful country.

The Tooley Times said...

Since I was layed up by my knee this past Sunday, I had to miss church. Parked on the couch, I watched the today show with Asher and my Dad.

Not only did they have an apology expert on the show giving her two cents about Tiger Woods, they did a whole piece on the meaning of "EH". I thought of you. It was actually interesting. Who knew "EH" is Shakespearean?

Go USA! Love you Robin!!!