Saturday, July 21, 2007

My first ever PhotoHunt!

This week's photohunt challenge is "tiny."
I didn't want to use the typical picture I might have (baby hands, baby feet, baby pics in general) from my family album, so I went looking through & came across Newton!
Newton was an anole that lived in my sunroom for a month or so. He seemed to really love the bay window & I found myself looking forward to seeing him everyday as I came & went, letting my dogs in & out, etc. I nicknamed him Newton after he'd stuck around a few days.
Eventually, after a couple of weeks, he began to migrate around to where the door was. Fearing for his safety, I kept scooting him back toward the window instead.
One day, I realized I hadn't seen Newton in a while. I looked & looked for him (he'd sometimes go into the cracks in the wood & be camouflaged a little). I couldn't find him. The next time I let the dogs out, I noticed something squished in the door. My heart sunk! I thought it looked WAY too small to have been Newton. I took the little carcass outside & kept hoping to see my friend turn up. He never did.
I still look for Newton to this day, especially on the real sunny ones...he was only with me a month or two, but I really enjoyed his visit.
So began my new love of reptiles!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to Saturday Photo Hunt! Love the lizard, he really is small. Great photo! Thank for sharing and have a great week.

LarryJH said...

that's a wonderful first post for this week's theme. Welcome to the PhotoHunt. I don't use my Blogger account for the PhotoHunt so you can see my photo HERE.

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

Awww, that's sad.
I love those little creatures, too, and enjoy them so much.
Maybe Newton Junior will show up for you.

I try to keep them away from my front porch (screened) where the cats like to sit and watch them.

Hope you enjoy Photo Hunters as much as I have. Welcome!!!

Twisting His Arm said...

I HATE lizards but after reading about Newton I may not SCREAM everytime I see one.

Canadian Bird said...

I was never very fond either, Chris...but all of a sudden I'm fascinated with reptiles in general! Okay...maybe not so much snakes, except in controlled situations, but I'm loving turtles/tortoises & a lot of lizards, frogs, etc...
Besides, how can you live in TX & hate them...they eat all the other ugly bugs we hate! They move real fast & spook me sometimes, but that's only b/c I mistake them for a roach for about a split second! LOL

CRIZ LAI said...

Welcome to Photo Hunters. Great shot on the lizard. I have a lot here too. they are rather noisy when it's mating season. Haha. Wishing you a calm, happy and lovely week!

TNChick said...

Love that photo, excellent post for tiny. Maybe he'll return.

DA Wagners said...

That is totally too cute! I can't believe you took that photo! It is such a good one, and you should blow it up and frame it for when you move back to Canada. I love the name Newton! I'll laugh about that one for a while. Great post!

Teena said...

I remember being in Manzanillo, Mexico, about ten years ago and a gecko was walking around on my wall. Eeek! I called the front desk and they were going to send up some spray (like bug spray). That would have been nice to be inhaling while I was sleeping ... NOT! Ha!

I had played too last week.