Saturday, July 28, 2007

What's a Ropes Course?!

Well...the Bay Area Fellowship JANES (Women's Ministry) had an
awesome event today out at the Outdoor Education & Leadership School.

(The Lord provided us with a beautiful day in the midst of all the storms we've been having!)

This involved several challenges that required team participation
to accomplish the tasks. If one member of the team did not
complete a task, all members of the team had to start over.
We did low ropes (mostly ground or close-to-the-ground stuff),
& high ropes (exactly what it sounds like) while harnessed.
It was exhilirating! I can't say it was easy...but it definitely does
what it claims...promotes bonding, confidence, team-building,
cooperation, etc.
I highly recommend it! It was HOT, but worth it!

If you're interested in any BAF JANES information or events,
you can contact DeeDee at

On another's another spiffy contest I came across...Woohoo!

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DA Wagners said...

You are totally awesome! I had a blast w/ you today. Thanks for emailing me those pics. I'm going to compile all of them and make CDs for everyone! Thanks for being such a beautiful Canadian Bird!!!

DeeDee said...

What a great experience! I'm so glad you came and hung out with us! Wish I could've stayed to see everyone climb that ladder! Isn't God awesome?!

Clubbs said...

That looks exhausting! :)

Surfed over here from "That's My Answer."

Nice looking blog!

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Susanne said...

That looks like so much fun! Lots of work, but fun.

Thanks for leaving your nice comment at my place. It's nice to "meet" a fellow Canadian. I have no idea what an RSS button is though. I know I have a subscribe at bloglines button.

Twisting His Arm said...

I heard you did AWESOME at the ropes course!!! I am super bummed I missed the fun!