Sunday, August 12, 2007


This is a picture of my sister & I. I'm the older one. She's the one who looks slightly stunned by the flash of the camera. The photo has been stained by years of being in the same frame.

I stole this idea from my friend, Christine's blog! Thanks Crissy!

Sisters share a special bond, but the uniqueness of sisterhood has been emphasized through the recognition of Sister’s Day as a national holiday. Sister’s Day commemorates the special relationship between genealogical sisters and celebrates the many other dimensions of sisterhood. Some sites state Sister's Day officially falls on the first weekend in August, while others say the second weekend in August.

Sister's Day provides a special day for those who are still close to their blood or spiritual sisters (kindred spirits), to celebrate a very special relationship that can't be had with any other person. And for those who have drifted apart, it is often an occasion of coming together again, to rejoice in old memories, and create new ones to keep us bonded more closely in the future.

On this Sister’s Day, embrace your sister and let them know just how special and important you think they are.

I'm gonna get killed for this one, but I just had to include it b/c it truly represents the goofy nature of my baby sis, & our relationship with one another! I love her!!!

My nieces are stunners, I think. They're so close in age, I pray they stay close through the years, as my own sis & I have.
The photo on the left was last Christmas...the one on the right was at their parents' wedding this year.
I love these girls!

My best friend in the world, Tiff! I miss her so much since she moved away. Even though we don't talk everyday, it's one of those relationships that I pray will stand the test of time, b/c in Tiff I feel I've truly found a kindred spirit...a sister. She's a beautiful person, inside & out.
I love her!

These are some of my Sisters-in-Christ.
On the left are Shamay, Alisa, Tiffany, & Janel. This is a photo from our ropes course day. What fun!
On the right are Edye & Kyrah. Two friends who have been so special to me over the last few years.
I thank God for all these ladies! I love them!

These are 2 of my 4 pups. The 2 who are sisters...really!
("Litter-mates," some may say.)
They are such fun, spirited personalities...complete opposites & yet so alike too! They remind me, in a way, of me & my own sister. They'll be cuddling or playing one moment, fighting the next. Then, afterwards, they lick each others wounds (so to speak).
They keep each other young.
I love them!

Speaking of my sister again, I completely forgot to wish her & her hubby a happy anniversary a few days ago! Bad sister! So, here it is:
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY "DRILL" (it's a long story)!!! 5 years & still going strong! Keep up the good work. I love & miss you both so much. Hope to see you soon! xoxo (Aren't they cute?)

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Tiffany said...

That is so cool and special. I'm going to have call my older sister and say hi and Happy sister day. I'm honored to be consider one of you sisters. We had a ball!!
Back at you, sis.

Meriller said...

Yeah, you're toast... your only saving grace is the fact that you left many nice comments to redeem your pic post!
I forgive you. But I'm filing an official request for forgiveness, when I get you back. :-P BEWARE
Thanks for the Anniversary congrats too. Great day for us, Drew and I actually had a date, (thanks to Mom and Dad babysitting) dinner AND a movie! We're livin' the wild life!
Love you lots, can't wait till you're closer, so move on finishing the house!
ttys Sis...

Susie said...

Love this post! Sisters ARE the best!

Twisting His Arm said...

I love ALL these pictures!!! Tiff looks beautiful! I miss her! Sounds like you and your lil sis have a great relationship!! Aren't sisters the BEST!!!!

April said...

cuuuuuuute pics robin!! :)

DA Wagners said...

That was really cool. I learned so much about you just from this one blog entry! Canada is so beautiful. When you move up there, Daniel and I might have to come visit. It's always fun to go somewhere w/ someone who knows the local scene!!! Your nieces are definitely stunners! And it was so nice to see pics of Tiff? How is she doing? Thanks for shairing all of that.