Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Dominion (Long) Weekend

I came across this picture a couple of days ago. I thought it was very striking. Being a Canadian on America's Independence Day can be confusing. All your friends are up to partying it up, while it's just another day off for you. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful to the US for my opportunities down here...totally! And I've made some lifelong friends since moving down here. I guess because I've been feeling a little under the weather this past day, I didn't feel much like going out & joining in on the festivities.
Boy, you could hear my neighbours though!!! My dogs were going crazy all evening. Between the hooting & hollering, the fireworks, & general revelry, my poor puppies weren't sure what was going on. And all this past week the thunder/lightning was doing the same thing to them. They probably think we're being invaded! LOL
Well, this Canuck is very happy that Canada Day fell on the weekend this year as well. (Remember when it was called Dominion Day...?) I hate working on Canada Day...just doesn't seem right. I suppose I could take it off, but in the past, I've always been short on PTO to pay myself for all the US holidays, let alone taking any of my own. I save up those PTOs to go home & visit my family. This year, my family is coming to me (my parents anyhow)! So, I'm still saving up...want to be able to spend some quality time while they're here....maybe travel with them in their 5th wheel! Woohoo!!!
Heck, I was thinking today that Mom & Dad's bathroom in their 5th wheel is probably bigger than my home bath! How sad is that??? We'll have to see when they get down here.
Well, the dogs are barking again, & my stomach is still feeling pretty rough, so I'm going to sign off for tonight. (Those noisy neighbours! Don't they realize it's after midnight & no longer July 4th!? LOL)
Happy Independence Day to all you Americans out there (although I see us all as NORTH Americans)!!!

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