Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy Canada Day!

Well, this is my first post, & although it's about midnight on July 1st, I haven't gone to bed yet, so for me it's still Canada Day.
Not currently living in Canada, I feel extremely patriotic about home...not that I wouldn't be anyhow, but it's enhanced b/c I really wish I was back in Canada. Instead, I spent the day talking with my family on the phone, being lazy (& not getting done anything I had planned...well, there's always tomorrow), & then tonight I went to a co-worker's wedding.
The wedding was nice...different from Canadian weddings to some degree. Do men pin money to the bride's dress to be able to have a dance with them in Canada? I don't remember that from any of the weddings I've been to back home. Maybe at the bachelorette party... I sure wouldn't want pins in my God-knows-how-expensive wedding dress, that's all I know!
Anyhow, some other Canadian co-workers & I all sat I guess that was our way of celebrating Canada Day a bit!
On the way home, I called my parents who are travelling the country (Canada) at present. They recently sold our family home (sob!) & bought a fifth-wheel & a truck, & now they're travelling around, visiting relatives as they go. They've made it from BC to Ontario without major incidents & are visiting my Mom's brother & his wife until Monday. Then on to visit my Gram, where they'll stay for about a month. Eventually, they will be heading down to the US to visit me. Well, visit & work! They're going to help me fix up my house so I can list it, sell it, & move back to Canada! I can't wait...both to have them here & to eventually get back home. Nothing against the US, they've been great to me...I just miss home! Of course, there is no "home" to speak of...since my parents sold it, but I will find my own little nest.
By the time my parents get down here to stay with me, it'll be in the fall, so they'll for sure be with me past Christmas, which is SO exciting b/c I've never had anyone down here to spend Christmas with (family-wise). And it's been years since I've been able to get home for Christmas, for various reasons. The last time I did go, it cost me over $900 just for airfare...& that was before gas got to be so ridiculously priced, as it is now! The prices are just so inflated during the holidays. And I've got a mortgage to think about now...& my dogs.
I have several dogs, & they're my babies! They are the greatest dogs ever! (Not to diminish the numerous wonderful animals I've had in my lifetime...) Having so many dogs (4 to be exact) can be crazy at times, but they're great, happy animals, with a consistent routine, & really no trouble. Except if I want to travel anywhere...then 4 dogs can be expensive to kennel. I'm really not complaining, b/c I believe when you have an animal you take on a responsibility. They rely on you as children do. I'm only stating why travelling can be more difficult now. I can't just go anywhere at the drop of a hat without considering them. Ahhh...adulthood!
Well, I think I've written enough for my first blog. I hope to continue this regularly & see how it evolves over time...who knows!? I welcome your comments...

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